Laboratorios Bernabó was founded in 1934, entered the national pharmaceutical industry, and became part of a group of local and global companies that marketed their products in Argentina.
Through remarkable pharmacological contributions of that time, Laboratorios Bernabó launched several products.

Saúl Breitman joined Laboratorios Bernabó and introduced a wide range of new products that PROMOTED and CONSOLIDATED the company's position, and that would be the foundation of the current therapeutic lines of the company. A significant MILESTONE was reached in 1968 with the creation of the DENTAL HEALTH CARE line, with the support of the new Medicine & Dentistry Division, and LABORATORIOS BERNABÓ became pioneer in this speciality.

During the next decades Laboratorios Bernabó became a key player in the local pharmaceutical industry and excelled as a company devoted to health.
Laboratorios Bernabó introduced a wide variety of innovative products that today are leading products in the following therapeutic areas: Dental Health Care, Medicine, Gastroenterology, Women's Health Care, Cardiology and Phlebology. At present, Laboratorios Bernabó has a highly complex organizational structure, comprising quality control assurance, production, quality control, microbiology and experimental and clinical pharmacology departments, that enables the company to continue offering physicians and patients medicines with proven efficacy, safety and quality.